Chiraag Gohel

👋🏽 Hi! I am a PhD student in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at The George Washington University. I’m advised by Dr. Ali Rahnavard, and work for the Rahnavard Lab for ’Omics Data Science. I am broadly interested in the development of algorithmic and statistical methods for the analysis of various forms of ’omics data. I received by BA in Statistics from Carleton College.


I am currently working on software for the normalization, batch-correction, and drift adjustment of LC-MS metabolomics data. Our goal is to provide easy to use tools that allow researchers to combine, compare, and perform meta-analyses of multiple large scale metabolomics datasets.


massSight: an R package for the alignment and scaling of LC-MS metabolomics data.
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  1. Smith M, Chen C, Gohel C, Cisbani G, Chen D
    Upregulated Hepatic Lipogenesis from Dietary Sugars Supplies Palmitic Acid to the Developing Brain of Mice fed Low Palmitic Acid from Birth.
    In Review

  2. Gao C, Gohel C, Leng Y, Ma J, Goldman D, Levine, A.J, Penzo, M.A
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  3. Sambo D, Gohel C, Yuan Q, Sukumar G, Alba C, Dalgard C.L, Goldman D
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